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Choosing A Marketing Attribution Model

You can determine which media and channels are bringing the most visitors to your website, so they may make a purchase using a set of rules called the marketing attribution model. We calculate the percentage of each conversion that should be attributable to different touchpoints and buying cycles. Because the models you employ can frequently have an impact on the model’s performance, our team helps you choose the optimal path for your achievement.

Automated Reports

Our team applies the proper marketing automation tools and provides tactical implementation help. In our automated reports, we lay out your buyer’s journey and provide touchpoints for you to match the proper information to their needs. This information covers every action a user performs on the website up to and including the moment they make a purchase.

Optimized Marketing Spend

You must first decide which platforms, touchpoints, and strategies are most advantageous for your company in order to maximize your marketing expenditure. We can allocate your media funds to these high-value initiatives thanks to our improved capacity to market economically and efficiently. This leads to the production of more leads at a reduced cost.

Increased ROI

Our team sets clear goals for your marketing initiatives so that you can coordinate your efforts to achieve them. By targeting the appropriate customer with the right message at the right time, we can improve conversion rates and return on investment.

Improved Product Development

In order to provide each stakeholder what they want to see, we work with you to identify all stakeholders and analyze their demands. These insights can then be leveraged to boost sales by developing product improvements that are focused on the features that customers demand.

Improved Personalization

Because online interactions are one of the primary ways that brands communicate and engage with their customers, personalization is essential for the success of your organization. We employ user-generated content tactics to persuade clients to remain doing business with you based on the stage of the buyer’s journey they are in.


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Identification and crediting of the different touchpoints, channels, and techniques that led to a marketing campaign's success is known as marketing attribution. This is important because it gives marketers insight into the most effective marketing strategies and shows them how to tweak their campaigns.

There are many methods for attribution in marketing, including:

First-click attribution: With this strategy, the first point of contact a client has before making a purchase is rewarded.

Last-click attribution: With this strategy, the last interaction a consumer has before making a purchase is rewarded.

Linear attribution: This strategy gives each interaction a customer has with before making a purchase equal weight.

Time-decay attribution: This strategy gives additional weight to touchpoints that occur closer to the time of the purchase.

Position-based attribution: The first and last touchpoints are given a certain percentage of the overall credit in this method, and the remaining credit is dispersed equally among the other touchpoints.

Using marketing attribution, marketers may identify which marketing initiatives are the most effective, and they can then deploy their resources accordingly.

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