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To ensure that all essential information on the results of campaigns is constantly available, we track calls, inquiries, and conversions at the product level.

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Strategy and Campaign Management

We manage each stage of your retail shop marketing campaigns. Without compromising your marketing efforts, it is our responsibility to put fresh tactics, seasonal trends, and offers into effect as needed.

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Monthly Kpis
and Reports

With your input, we develop your campaign based on the monthly KPIs. We get together each month to talk about the campaign's development and the outcomes of in-depth reports.

What Is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a great way for websites with plenty of products to attract customers at the very bottom of the sales funnel. Before a visitor even visits your website, you have already qualified them when your price and product are displayed before the click.

To have a successful campaign with shopping, your product feed must have a good structure and naming convention. To be effectively recognized by Google Merchant Center, where it will be submitted, the feed needs to be well-structured and succinct.

Before beginning a shopping campaign, you must first sign up for a Google Merchant Center account. Following that, you must upload your product feed. It can be a little challenging the first time. Once the campaign is live, you may control it from your Google Adwords account.

You are aware that shopping ads are made specifically for E-Commerce businesses. Therefore, if generating leads or raising awareness is your primary objective, this is not the appropriate platform for you.

However, it is impossible to defeat if you can compete on pricing, have a lovely and user-friendly website, and sell goods.

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