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App marketing refers to a group of techniques used to get customers to download and use your app.

Various methods and resources may be used, depending on the objective. If you're looking to fast generate a significant number of iOS and Android downloads, it's usually advisable to use a sponsored method employing Cost Per Installment benchmarks. Google provides the UAC (Universal App Campaign) option, a machine learning method that allows Google's computers to identify clues that point to the audience that is most likely to download your app. This is a terrific approach to generate a lot of product at a low cost.

You must simultaneously establish a long-term plan while using ASO (App store optimization), which comprises encouraging long-lasting and organic development in the App/Google Play store. Knowing your main keywords is essential for the success of your ASO campaign. In order to improve your position in the search and category results, we focus on the relevant keywords in the AppStore's Title and Description sections. Another critical stage towards the goal

Reviewing your UX/UI will help you expand your user base. You must also pay attention to your reviews if you want to keep up a steady flow of positive comments.

Your app marketing approach should incorporate App CPI, CPC, Performance Audit, and ASO to meet your goals, as Marktonix Middle East specializes in Localized Campaign Strategies.

For your digital marketing efforts, making the most of your budget is more crucial than having a great budget. Your money will be used wisely by Marktonix Middle East - Performance Marketing and Technology Services Agency.

Cost per Install (CPI)

CPI is the cornerstone of any app marketing launch plan. Through our performance-based advertising campaign, you are directly charged for the installs and downloads we bring. Daily install reports let you keep up with the development. If there are no downloads, there is no fee!

Cost Per Click (CPC)

The app’s visibility can be increased with targeted adverts on publisher platforms with a global audience. The advertisements, which will be made by our knowledgeable professionals, will be chock-full of information and calls to action. App marketing has become much easier thanks to Marktonix Middle East.

App Store Audit

A comprehensive review of your app store and marketing will be provided by our experts. We will present a compelling strategy and action plan in order to increase the app’s exposure and user engagement. Every app marketing strategy should include an app store audit.

App Performance Audit

Why do users of the app still use it? Our experts will carefully review the functionality, usability, and interface of your app to provide you the best call to action. The success of app marketing is improved by beginning with an app performance audit.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Make sure users can locate your app when they conduct a store search. We will carry out in-depth keyword analysis and optimize the title, description, and icon for the highest possibility of ranking. The organic element of the app marketing strategy is known as ASO.

User Reviews

Video information is an easy-to-digest format that rests our eyes in contrast to the abundance of written content online. Experts at Marktonix Middle East offer the best content management system.


Frequently asked question (FAQ)
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The process of using an app to attract clients to a product or service is known as app marketing. Mobile app marketing aims to increase engagement both inside and outside of the app itself, from in-app messaging to app store optimization.

An app marketing strategy is a plan for promoting and selling mobile applications. It outlines the steps a company or individual will take to market their app to potential users and convince them to download and use it. A good app marketing strategy typically includes advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, public relations, and user acquisition initiatives.

Depending on the target market, the key features of the app, and the overarching goals, several methods and approaches will be used in a marketing campaign for an app. The target demography of the app, as well as the competition, must be properly investigated and understood in order to develop a successful app marketing strategy.

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